I am Denny Kiroff, Former Governor of the Michigan District during the 2008-09 line of Governors under the Presidency of Donald Canaday, one of the best Presidents to be know on the Kiwanis horizons of achievements.

I had the honor and privilege of working alongside Terry White as the Governor of Indiana District, at that time on many mutual projects which were fruitful for Kiwanis International and our own home districts.

He has shown great ambition and passion for the Kiwanis goals and mission, to which he devoted his time to making those goals happen, not just in Indiana but where ever it was necessary to do or be to accomplish those tasks.

Taking direction as was given to him to make things happen for the good of the cause whenever the opportunity presented itself to make Kiwanis International grow with membership, leadership, and vision of helping others less fortunate.

In his occupation as a prominent successful lawyer, he has met many people situations and dealt with many the problems that come with the vocation. These have all been successful as carried by the records left behind and this carries true to his Kiwanis side of life of which he is equally dedicated to performing to the best of his ability. If not in his ability alone, but with others of like mind and passion to getting things done correctly and to the point.

He is a dedicated family man with a family that many would be thrilled to be a part of and it shows in the way, his family supports him in his quest of following Kiwanis all these years and now to the golden opportunity to being elected to the Vice Presidency of Kiwanis International.

I, Denny Kiroff, as a friend, fellow Governor and dedicated Kiwanian believe in my heart, this man Terry White, is the right person for the position of Vice President of Kiwanis International to be elected and I am making my full endorsement of him for all to hear, note and make the right choice to advancing Kiwanis forward into the future by voting for Terry White.

Denny G. Kiroff,
Past Governor of the Michigan District 2008-09